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The dumpster sizes that we currently offer range from 10 yards all the way to 40 yards. Don't know what you can and can't throw away? Don't know what size you need? Just ask! We are here to help.

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“Highly recommend! No hidden fees, reasonable prices and great customer service. Alpha would be the first I’d call if I need another dumpster in the future." - Tyra S.

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The roll-off dumpster rental rates you will be quoted include drop-off, pick-up and dump. We'll give you our best rate, the first time! Call us today for a competitive, transparent quote.

40 Yard Dumpster

40 Yard Dumpsters

Costs, Dimensions and Other Features of a 40 Yard Dumpster Rental


Our 40 yard dumpster is the largest size available in most areas and will allow you to quickly get rid of several tons of debris. A 40 yard dumpster is the right choice for homeowners tackling large home renovations and contractors working on even bigger commercial projects.

How much does it cost to rent a 40 yard dumpster?


The average cost of a 40 yard dumpster rental is $521. Depending on your location, a 40 yard container will cost between $335-$761. Find out more about the factors that determine the price of a dumpster rental.

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How big is a 40 yard dumpster?


A 40 yard dumpster is our largest container and is typically 22 feet long, 7.5 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The exact dimensions can vary.

How much can a 40 yard dumpster hold?


A 40 yard dumpster typically includes a 5-6 tons or 10,000-12,000 pound weight limit, though weight limits vary by location and type of disposed material. This size can hold the equivalent of 20 pickup truck loads of debris. Call us at 866-837-5820 to learn more about dumpster weight limits in your area.

How long can I rent a 40 yard dumpster?


The average rental period for a 40 yard dumpster is 7-10 days. In some areas, rental periods are shorter at 3-5 days. You can easily extend your rental period for a flat daily rate so you have plenty of time to complete your project. Have other questions about renting a bin? Learn more about the terms of our dumpster rentals.

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Is a 40 Yard Dumpster the Right Size for Your Project?


Renting a 40 cubic yard dumpster is the best choice for anyone who needs an efficient way to get rid of large amounts of debris. Before settling on a 40 yard bin, keep in mind that heavy materials like concrete, brick, asphalt and dirt are generally not accepted in dumpsters of this size. Our customers who choose this size include:


  • Construction Contractors: Our largest dumpster rental allows you to quickly dispose of common building materials like wood, metal, drywall, carpeting and tiles.
  • Homeowners: Rent a 40 yard dumpster to handle your home remodel, a new home addition or any project that encompasses 2,000 square feet of space or more.

Delivery Guidelines


Follow these guidelines when you’re preparing for delivery of your 40 yard dumpster rental:


  • Clear the area: Make sure the location for the dumpster is at least 10.5 feet wide. Remove any cars or other objects blocking your driveway or lot before delivery. The truck will need about 60 feet in a straight line to drop the bin.
  • Check for wires: For delivery, we need 23 feet of vertical clearance to successfully place the container. Check the area above your location for low-hanging wires and tree branches.
  • Be ready: We’ll do our best to place the dumpster in your requested location as long as the area is clear for delivery. If we cannot place the dumpster because the area is blocked, you will incur a trip fee.
  • Pay attention:The 40 yard dumpster can hold a lot of debris, but you must keep to the weight limit on your invoice. Calculate the weight of your debris before filling the container to avoid going over your weight limit.

Have Princing Questions?

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Looking for More Information on a 40 Yard Dumpster Rental?


If you’re not sure whether a 40 yard dumpster is right for you, don’t worry. Give us a call at 866-837-5820 and our team will help you find the size that best suits your project. If you’ve already determined that this is the size you need, just make a quick call to order your container.

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Our Dumpsters Have Been Around The Block

Great Reviews

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Flat Rate Pricing

All rates include delivery, disposal, pickup, a minimum rental period and local taxes. Call for a quote and know upfront that you’re getting the best deal!

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